Starfront: Collision is an RTS for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It was released on February 17, 2011 by Gameloft SA. The game includes Campaign, Skirmish, Multiplayer and Bluetooth Modes.

In Campaign Mode, the player has to complete several campaigns like the Myriad Campaign. In the begining, you can only play the Consortium Campaign, you can unlock the Myriad Campaign by completing "The Final Step" in the Consortium Campaign.

In Skirmish Mode, you can play alone with the AI. Unlike multiplayer mode, you can select any race and any colour for the other player.

In Multiplayer and Bluetooth Mode, you have to connect to a nearby WiFi source in order to play these modes. You can play with Starfront players around the world but must connect to the internet, and as for Bluetooth Mode, you have to turn the Apple device's Bluetooth on and connect with another nearby player in order to play Bluetooth Mode.